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Cutters for use with cutting planes, you will not use the more traditional scissors why do not you get tired hands, are practical and can be used for many materials such as paper cardboard leather fabrics of various thicknesses and also folded several times.
Brand: Generico Model: 2953
 Convenient knife to create perfect circles of fabric and paper. Just adjust the beam, point the needle in the middle, rotate to 360 degrees and the circle is ready. It also provides a replacement blade. Minimum diameter of 3 cm and maximum 33 cm...
Brand: Generico Model: 4072
 is the most secure cutter that exists on the market, in fact if you use a cutter with normal blade there are no problems, all are safe because Once you close the blade being flat profile is unreachable, but if the blades are in a zig-zag or wave, They have a width which makes them at risk of cuttin..
Cutter 45 mm xsor for cutting plan
-10 %
Brand: Xsor Model: 3912
Wheel 45mm Xsor with safety button.  No parades tissues and enables you to bend in any direction with ease. If you try any wheel cutting, surely abandon the traditional scissors...
10.10€ 11.20€
Rechargeable electric shear 3. 6V
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Brand: Candiotto Model: 4988
Rechargeable electric cutter with removable and replaceable battery and lock bladesIt allows you to cut many materials such as silk cotton jeans, sponge felt, felt, cardboard, leather and even light leather. The blades work at 1000 vibrations per minute, It weighs 315 grams and is extremely mana..
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