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-20 %
Brand: Singer Model: 1772
plastic bobbin for all Singer sewing machines series 700 and 270 with automatic winding assistant...
2.80€ 3.50€
Brand: Singer Model: 4657
needle clamp for Singer sewing machines Pfaff Chinese manufacturing. Communicate the model and brand of your sewing machine before confirming the order...
Brand: Singer Model: 4486
Needle plate for Singer with 7mm zig zag hole and 14mm width jaw hole...
Brand: Singer Model: 4236
needle plates Spare parts: Needle plate for Singer overlock 14T948ds..
35.90€ 36.20€
Singer Legacy C440 G sewing machine
-10 %
Brand: Singer Model: 4777
 Monochrome touch screen LCD screen, 200 useful points, 10 direct selection points, 13 automatic eyelets at a time, 2 alphabets, Visual alarm signals with sound effect including: upper thread breaking sensor, Adjustable electronic tension, 3 LED lights Sewing speed adjustment, Thread cutter button..
898.90€ 998.80€
Singer sewing machine Legacy SE-300
-16 %
Brand: Singer Model: 4862
SE300 Legacy, sew and embroider needle with 200 embroidery and included 250 useful stitches. 3 LED lights, Thread automatic needle and lever lowers transport, 2 alphabets ready to use, Touch LCD screen, USB key with embroidery. 2 quick release frames included (260 X 150 mm and 100 x 100 mm), 10 quic..
1,420.00€ 1,699.00€
Brand: Singer Model: 4239
Overlock machines spare parts: Singer 948DS upper knife..
9.10€ 9.20€
-10 %
Brand: Singer Model: 1053
Singer foot: Singer automatic foot plastic made zigzag 257..
7.30€ 8.10€
Brand: Singer Model: 4240
Overlock machines spare parts: Singer DS lower knife..
15.70€ 15.90€
-10 %
Brand: Singer Model: 4775
Singer 3333 M, Mechanical sewing machine with electronic rheostat, 28 points, 1 eyelet, 6-row fabric transport, Spooling threading system facilitated, Thread automatic needleself lubricating mechanics...
220.00€ 243.80€
Brand: Singer Model: 5058
Singer Spare parts: Singer yarn lock 33xx..
Brand: Singer Model: 1165
The gear is mounted in the transmission bar vertically inside the machine. Given the location is not easy to assemble but is patient with us, you can succeed...
Pulley black singer (original !!)
-13 %
Brand: Singer Model: 2242
motor pulley for Singer sewing machines and Merrit V-belt...
4.10€ 4.70€
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