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Various accessories that do not belong to well-defined groups
Brand: Made in Italy Model: 3534
Variable size mannequin shape, elastic fabric suitable for 42-54 variable size mannequin..
Brand: Generico Model: 3196
For sewers and Patchwork. The plan Plexiglass with adjustable feet in height, it helps to have a very large support surface for laying blankets towels and all the bulky towels. Communicated the make and model of your sewing machine and the arm measurements (length and width), I'll create especially ..
54.00€ 58.00€
Brand: Generico Model: 2805
For those who have difficulty in threading the needle by hand. You have two holes, one for the needles purposes and the other for larger needles, insert the needle into the hole with the eye downward, place the wire in the seat and squeezed the trigger, Now pull the wire that comes from the outside ..
Brand: Generico Model: 4263
Gate wire machine. Fits on the winder spool pin...
Brand: Generico Model: 1443
Carrying case for all flat bed machines. If you have a sewing machine inserted in the mobile and you want to make portable, in you can enter in a briefcase like this, It is universal, the coupling pins are at the right distance for all machines and is provided with a drawer on the right to store the..
Brand: Generico Model: 1081
Tweezers to thread all the serger and embroidery machines professional...
4.00€ 4.80€
Brand: Generico Model: 3007
 The double fold Binder was born to finish the fabrics using a cloth strip folded twice, it's very simple to use, Cut a fabric strip 2,5 cm large and put it into the Binder, without bending it, place the fabric to be finished on the plate and the Binder will fold everything by it self. In few second..
38.90€ 43.20€
Brand: Generico Model: 2959
New bobbins door model, It adapts to the magnet stop pins with mod drawer you find Nelg accessories...
Brand: Prim Model: 2466
Convenient marks skirts, It is used with plaster dust and the garment worn...
36.90€ 38.80€
Brand: Generico Model: 1210
Oil Medium density for industrial machines as overlock machines or triple feed industry. 'Not suitable for household sewing machines or industrial machines with high speed because it is too dense...
Brand: Generico Model: 2958
Portaspoline new model, It adapts to the magnet stop pins with mod drawer you find Nelg accessories...
Brand: Generico Model: 1205
Seam ripper great extent, 12 cm, convenient for unpick...
Brand: Made in Italy Model: 1051
Dummy for tailors and sewers. The special features are variable in size 42-54 and the ability to adjust size and height of the breast...
Brand: Generico Model: 1041
Seam ripper colored plastic. Also useful to shell out...
Brand: Generico Model: 4051
 If you need to fix a Binder in your machine but you have not a hole for a screw, you can use this strip made by us, it is rolled on the machine base and secured with a velcro strap, the binder will be secure and motionless. For distances and good position take a look to the video and ask us for mor..
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