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About us
We have been supplying sewing machines, overlock and embroidery machines, accessories and consumables for embroidery for two generations, for the PatchWork Quilt and Tailoring enthusiasts.
Store Address
Find us in Arsego of San Giorgio delle Pertiche in the province of Padua, in Via Pugnalin 1.
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Tel: 049 574 2211 Cell: +39 339 229 2641
Store Hours
Lunedì: 15,30 19,30
Martedì-Venerdì: 9,00-12,30 15,30-19,30
Sabato: 9,00-12,30 15,30-18,00

Our Location

Candiotto idee per la tua Creatività
Candiotto idee per la tua Creatività
Via Pugnalin 1, 35010 - Arsego, Padova (Italy)
P.I. IT00120060280 REA PD247065
C.F. CND MSM 66D27 B564H
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049 574 2211 / cell 339 229 2641

Opening Times
lunedì 15,30 19,30
martedì-venerdì 9,30-12,30 15,30-19,30
sabato 9,30-12,30 15,30-18,00

Macchine per ricamo e cucito, centro vendita ed assistenza specializzato Pfaff Singer Necchi Janome Juki Brother Arsego Padova
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