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For Overlock machines

For Overlock machines
Overlock acessories
Brand: Bernina-Juki Model: 1640
Steel tongue to attach to the machine, by adjusting the stitch length and the differential you can curl the fabric. It can be hooked to the Juki 654 644 Bernina 800 700 1000 overlocked...
Brand: Juki Model: 2676
Overlock foot: Overlock invisible point juki bernette..
Brand: Generico Model: 1081
Tweezers to thread all the serger and embroidery machines professional...
4.00€ 4.80€
Brand: Generico Model: 3979
 Tweezers to put all overlock and professional embroidery machines, you have a more comfortable light LED that helps you to see the tip of the tweezers and the darkest parts of your machine...
11.00€ 12.20€
Brand: Generico Model: 1463
Convenient metal wire to help you tuck the industrial serger especially those who have no automatic mechanisms already installed in the machine...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1394
Hexagonal Driver for the needle clamp of Pfaff serger 4852 4862 necchi production and Elna. ...
3.70€ 4.10€
Brand: Generico Model: 2240
Hex Driver for industrial serger...
3.60€ 3.80€
Brand: Generico Model: 2911
Oil with high density for industrial machines as overlock machines or triple feed. 'Not suitable for household sewing machines and industrial machines with high-speed linear', because it is too dense, It can harden the sewing machine...
18.30€ 19.30€
Brand: SCHMETZ Model: 1310
Universal needle plate for all sewing machines for family use, durable and long lasting. If you bend a needle of excellent quality needle you will find that it will not bend, it will break to avoid damage in your sewing machine. Remember that the needle is more important than sewing machines, even t..
5.00€ 5.50€
Brand: Generico Model: 2707
 Convenient needle threader for all sewing machines, to see how to use controlled video, It is simple and very quick, you can slip the wire even with closed eyes...
Brand: Juki Model: 2814
Upper knife for overlock Juki and Bernina Vidia material. For overlock Juki 654 644 734 735 1000, overlock Bernina 700 800 1000 1300...
Brand: Juki Model: 2746
Collecting tray for Juki Bernina 735 1000 1300...
33.00€ 41.30€
Brand: SCHMETZ Model: 4324
Needle for Singer Pfaff serger 756 for others. The head is flat and slightly thinner than normal needle used in sewing machines. Please inquire if you are unsure...
12.50€ 13.90€
Brand: SCHMETZ Model: 1195
Sewing machine needle for Singer and Pfaff hoverlock. Please, if you have some questions comunicate your type and model..
12.40€ 13.80€
Brand: SCHMETZ Model: 1057
Sewing machine needle for Singer and Pfaff hoverlock. Please, if you have some questions comunicate your type and model..
12.50€ 13.90€
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