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Hotfix vacuum applicator
Brand: Generico Model: 4709
Thermo-soluble pen, The stretches and disappears in a flash, you can use it on any fabric, It has the tip ball so you never wither, just be careful that you do not fall to the ground or you will damage like any other pen...
11.90€ 14.00€
Strass applicator with suction
Out Of Stock
Brand: Candiotto Model: 4673
 Applicator thermo for rhinestones and studs sticker, the great comfort of this tool lies in the suction pump, you no longer have to place the stone in the fabric and then paste, The collected aspirates it with the tip wait a few seconds until the glue is then scolta the resting on the fabric, the s..
75.00€ 86.90€
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