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Embroidery sewing machines

Embroidery sewing machines
Embroidery machines from 1 to 12 needles.
Brand: Janome Model: 7111
Janome machine for embroidery lovers. For those who already have a good sewing machine and cannot embroider, the new Janome Memory craft 550 is arrived, it works with the fully automatic hoop, you can program a large embroidery, think 20 x 36 cm, save it on a USB stick and transfer it to the new Jan..
2,359.00€ 2,490.00€
Brand: Janome Model: 2844
Video Touch screen Avvolgimento automatico della spolina Trasferimento ricami da computer a macchina tramite chiavetta USB Possibilità di ridimensionamento ricami dal 90% a 120% Rotazione di 45° alla volta Messaggi in 11 lingue Pressione del piedino regolabile Creazione di cartelle di memoria Dimen..
1,259.10€ 1,399.00€
Brand: Janome Model: 4096
Machine for passionate sewing and embroidery high level. extremely quiet, the only machine with embroidery unit completely mounted on bearings for precision and speed unique in the category. 5 frames supplied, 10x4 cm 22x22 cm 14x14 cm 23x23 cm and max frame 23 x 30 cm. Considerations: we tried it a..
6,789.00€ 7,990.00€
Brand: Candiotto Model: 2607
warranty: 2 years Yes 12 to 12 Color USB port, COM, CMCIA data transfer software and external control supplied. Software to create written and embroidery supplied The machine is very professional for speed and accuracy (1000 points / Min. horizontal embroidery and 750 points / Min. for cap..
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