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Embroidery sewing machines

Embroidery sewing machines
Embroidery machines from 1 to 12 needles.
Brand: Janome Model: 7080
Embroidery sewing machines: JANOME Memory Craft 500E..
Brand: Janome Model: 7111
Janome machine for embroidery lovers. For those who already have a good sewing machine and cannot embroider, the new Janome Memory craft 550 is arrived, it works with the fully automatic hoop, you can program a large embroidery, think 20 x 36 cm, save it on a USB stick and transfer it to the new Jan..
2,359.00€ 2,490.00€
Brand: Janome Model: 4096
Machine for passionate sewing and embroidery high level. extremely quiet, the only machine with embroidery unit completely mounted on bearings for precision and speed unique in the category. 5 frames supplied, 10x4 cm 22x22 cm 14x14 cm 23x23 cm and max frame 23 x 30 cm. Considerations: we tried it a..
6,789.00€ 7,990.00€
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