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Brand: Generico Model: 4667
Thermo-soluble pen, The heated with iron and disappears in a flash, you can use it on any fabric, It has the tip ball so you never wither, just be careful that you do not fall to the ground or you will damage like any other pen...
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 4697
Thick 20 grams x meter.  You can stretch it over the spongy or velvety fabrics before embroidering with the sewing machine, so you will get the best accuracy. If you do not use it, yarn embroidered, It will sink in soft and spongy tissue...
Brand: Generico Model: 4092
Vilene water soluble white color with a thickness of 40 grams x mt. very residtente 1,5 sqm. To embroider without fabric, in this way you will have the embroidery to apply wherever you want...
Brand: Generico Model: 2552
Heavy Fliseline for machine embroidery with a frame, not very resistant but necessary to give strength to the fabrics too light.  for 60 cm of height. more than 3 square meters)..
5.80€ 6.40€
Flizelin for embroidery lightweight and durable H80cm 5MT
Hot -19 %
Brand: Generico Model: 2553
 The best-selling Vlieseline, durable and economical but high quality. Is commonly used in industry for very delicate fabrics, you can pair it with heavy Vlieseline (F325) to give maximum security. Price per 4 sqm...
5.40€ 6.70€
Brand: Generico Model: 3077
Instead of hooping the fabric in the frame, enter only the Vilene and cut the protective film along the perimeter of the frame. Now you can glue the fabric without the risk of pinching in the frame, embroidered and after work cut out the excess Vlieseline 1,60 sqm...
Brand: Madeira Model: 3786
White embroidery Vilene . Measurements: 0, 30 X 10 m. Suitable for embroidery frame or to strengthen fabrics before freehand applications . Price per package...
Vilene water soluble 90 h
-15 %
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 4063
Vilene for your embroidery machine frame, instead of tearing it at the end of the work, wet it and it will disappear completely leaving no residue. Convenient when undertaking slotted difficult to trim. Price per linear meter...
6.10€ 7.20€
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