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Wadding for padding
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 4272
Fusible batting to match the fabrics in patchwork, is simple to use, Stretch the fabric on Vlieseline that attaches permanently, size 1, 5 mt height and has a thickness of 30 grams x meters...
15.20€ 16.00€
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 4271
 Vilene with double-sided adhesive paper, paste with iron and is used to stabilize applications before stitching them. Easy to use, paper drawn on the figure to be applied, the ironed onto the fabric to be applied, cut out the design, remove the protective paper, supported the application on the fab..
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 4059
white padding for your original patchwork quilting. The paper width is 150cm and has a thickness of about 4 mm, 30 grams per square meter...
Brand: Freudenberg Model: 2655
White wadding for padding, thick, sintetic and easy to work. It is used for patchwork and quilting to make soft quiltature created with the sewing machine...
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