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Hammer foots

Hammer foots
Hemmer foots
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1977
Pfaff Sewing Machines: upper main bar Pfaff 900 1000 7000..
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2323
Foot machines with shank to attack automatic hemming very tight, about 2 mm and executed with the point zigzag. And 'possible to insert a thread of drool to add volume to Rulle in light fabrics like tulle and silk...
13.80€ 16.30€
Brand: Janome Model: 3548
Hammer foots: Automatic Janome hemmer foot D1 6mm universal..
Brand: Generico Model: 4204
Double leg hemming with finished size of 2 mm for all sewing machines with the hook horizontal plane as the Janome Necchi Saimac Brother and many more. Ask for confirmation for the model of machine you use...
Brand: Janome Model: 3673
hemmer automatic RULLE for all Janome machines with horizontal hook. It is also suitable for Necchi sewing machines with horizontal hook...
Brand: Gambo basso Model: 1270
Low shank presser foot (2 cm) universal for all sewing machines. Is done with the point zig-zag with a width of about 3 mm and very short for obtaining a Roulle or decorative roll. On silk tulle and very light fabrics...
Brand: Text15 Model: 2217
Foot Hemmer universal for all low shank sewing machines. 3 mm wide rim...
Brand: Juki Model: 2315
Automatic foot for hemming 3 mm in straight seam, for all machines with automated attack especially for the models produced by Juki...
11.30€ 12.60€
Brand: Generico Model: 3574
Hammer foots: High shank hemmer foot 4mm only old Singer..
Brand: Generico Model: 3388
Hammer foots: High shank hemmer foot universal 3mm..
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