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low or hight shank for presser foots
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 4171
Extension to fit all feet with stem down to bernina electronic machines...
Brand: Janome Model: 4756
Janome spare parts: shank for Janome 9mm zigzag..
Brand: Janome Model: 4743
Low shank for Janome sewing machines with hook and horizontal bobbin basket..
Brand: Bernina Model: 1695
Extension to use all the low-shank feet on the Bernina machines. As you know, all the Bernina machines have feet with a particular attack, different from all other machines, but if you want, you can use common feet by inserting the extension...
Brand: Generico Model: 2964
Shank leg down for the machines to use family, left in the photo. The leg you see anella photo to the right is used in machines Pfaff while the left hand is generic and is used on many machines to use family...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2065
Shank Foot lower connection for Pfaff 900 series with IDT - 1000 with IDT and all Pfaff machines with 6 or 9 mm zigzag...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2066
Stalk low attack leg suitable for all Pfaff series 200 - Hobby - 800-900 without IDT - Janome with horizontal rotary hook...
16.20€ 18.00€
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 1792
Shank for all sewing machines to use the family that mount the lower stem. The existing measures stem commercially are two bottom (2 cm) and tall (3cm)all machines with under 15 years old mountain down the stem...
Brand: Singer Model: 3243
Stem foot all Singer sewing machines to lower stem. It is distinguished from the others because it is very close to the pin to engage with a pressure without any buttons...
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