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Singer foot

Singer foot
Particulars foot suitable only on Singer homeuse sewing machines.
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 4784
Zigzag foots: automatic Juki foot zig zag..
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 5049
Zigzag foots: Juki automatic zig zag foot T..
Brand: Singer Model: 1053
Singer foot: Singer automatic foot plastic made zigzag 257..
7.30€ 8.10€
Brand: Generico Model: 2060
Plastic stool for sewing in fabric folds. Instead of forceing the leg to overcome the demanding dislivities, Insert the pelvis under the foot in the back, The machine will advance without difficulty...
3.50€ 3.90€
Brand: Singer Model: 3568
Hinge foot only for the Singer 700 series with automatic coupling...
Brand: Singer Model: 2416
Botton hole: Automatic Singer plastic foot..
9.50€ 9.60€
Brand: Singer Model: 3431
Only for Singer with presser bar inclined type like 700 Samba etc. ...
18.80€ 21.20€
Brand: Singer Model: 1823
For all low shank singer or that mount the cuff Cod. 5124. It allows you to enter the normal hinge on the right or left...
5.10€ 5.70€
Brand: Singer Model: 3369
Singer foot: Automatic Singer zig zag foot..
4.70€ 5.20€
Brand: Singer Model: 3947
Straight seam foot for Singer machines with inclined foot bar...
9.40€ 9.50€
Brand: Singer Model: 3828
Leg zig zag automatic for Singer with automatic bottom and stem plate with hole 5 mm...
7.70€ 8.70€
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