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Teflon made

Teflon made
Teflon made presser foots
Brand: Generico Model: 3298
Straight sewing foot for all seamless industrial sewing machines on leather and very adherent materials...
Brand: Generico Model: 1174
Teflon compensating foot to counter 2 mm from the edge, suitable only for industrial machines...
18.00€ 20.00€
Brand: Generico Model: 1101
Foots Teflon made: Low shank teflon foot 6mm..
Brand: Generico Model: 2563
Teflon made Foots: Height shank teflon foot..
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2449
Teflon made Foots: Automatic zig zag teflon foot..
10.10€ 11.20€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2451
Pfaff IDT double transport presser foot, made of Teflon-coated steel for sewing on materials with a lot of grip, so you can easily slide on leather, faux leather and plastic-coated fabrics...
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