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Zigzag foots

Zigzag foots
Brand: Janome Model: 5027
Zigzag foots: Janome automatic foot for indingo..
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 5049
Zigzag foots: Juki automatic zig zag foot T..
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1975
Straight fitting foot for sewing machines Pfaff 900 and 200 series...
14.80€ 14.90€
Brand: Generico Model: 1793
For machines with a zig zag at least 15 years old but the type Necchi Julia, The 65x series. and professional craft machines but with a zigzag...
Brand: Generico Model: 1078
comfortable driving magnet to attach to any machine to help you straight seams and always at the same distance from the edge. Simply place it at the metal floor and fixed without using a screwdriver, however, you must ensure that you have a metal needle plate. Dim. mm. 52x22...
4.80€ 5.30€
Brand: Text15 Model: 1610
zig zag automatic foot metal for all machines Pfaff series 200-800-900-1000 without double transport...
16.50€ 18.30€
Brand: Generico Model: 2443
zig zag foot down universal shank for all machines, metal, It is suitable for zig zag and elastic points...
Brand: Bernina-Bernette Model: 3383
For all machines with automatic mounting-foot manufactured in Taiwan or China. The maximum zigzag width should be 6 mm...
Brand: Generico Model: 3378
Foot for all machines with low stalk. Its long deck shape helps to rise easily in the fabric folds...
9.30€ 9.40€
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