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iron spare parts

iron spare parts
Common spare parts for the various irons. For particular components we invite you to send us details of the iron and explanatory photos.
Brand: Generico Model: 4093
Rheostat to operate the suction motor in the ironing boards aspirated and heated...
15.00€ 16.80€
Brand: Generico Model: 2244
iron spare parts: switch switch for ironing boiler..
Brand: Candiotto Model: 5015
iron spare parts: Iron and boiler heater..
Brand: Generico Model: 3733
iron spare parts: Iron temperature level light Voltage 220v..
Brand: Text15 Model: 1005
iron spare parts: iron termo fuse..
4.30€ 4.90€
Brand: AA Model: 4943
Iron thermostat knob, internal diameter 6mm..
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2149
Pfaff 65x roll-fed cotton towel65 cm width...
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