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Electric Cutter kit 2 blades 2 batteries
Out Of Stock
Brand: Candiotto Model: 4835
 Rechargeable electric cutter kit with 2 automatic hook-up batteries and 2 blades block, for those who require prolonged use of the electric cutter, with two batteries you can use one and keep the other charged for 4-5 hours to always have a battery available. We also provide you with a spare bladde..
60.40€ 71.00€
Brand: Generico Model: 4709
Thermo-soluble pen, The stretches and disappears in a flash, you can use it on any fabric, It has the tip ball so you never wither, just be careful that you do not fall to the ground or you will damage like any other pen...
11.90€ 14.00€
Brand: Candiotto Model: 4169
Kit choose 2 edgers, including screws and 1 bracket for machines that do not have a fixing hole. Specify in the order or by email the two finished fold sizes you prefer between 6mm 7mm 8mm 10mm 14mm. Ask for information...
77.80€ 86.40€
Brand: Candiotto Model: 4172
If you choose this kit, remember to specify in the order the measure of Edger (board finished 6 -7 - 8 - 10 - 14 mm) and the dell'orlatore (finished hem 7-10 - 15mm). The screws are always supplied, if you do not have the hole for fixing you must purchase the bracket, You find it in the category Bin..
59.20€ 69.70€
Brand: Candiotto Model: 7126
Kit consisting of 5 industrial double binder, 5 finished fold sizes 6 -7 - 8 - 10 - 14 mm with respectively 25 mm 28mm 30mm 35mm 35mm 50mm tape. You also have the screws and a bracket that allows you to fix the binders to all household sewing machines with a free arm, even without a fixing hole for ..
194.40€ 215.90€
Brand: Generico Model: 7150
Comfortable ironing board to be placed on the table, with a 40% synthetic and 60% cotton with an 800 gr / mt sweatshirt and a rigid plywood board. It is used for fast shaking when investigating pieces of fabric to obtain covered plaids and many other PatchWork-style objects. The measures are ideal, ..
41.80€ 43.90€
Brand: Generico Model: 4165
A great offer for those who want to start having fun with Patchwork: small cut plan, Measuring 45 x 30 cm folding, circular cutter 45 mm, and 15 x 30 cm ruler, 3 excellent quality and durability objects. Offer is really advantageous!..
37.00€ 45.00€
Brand: Generico Model: 4151
A great offer for those who want to start having fun with Patchwork: Medium cutting surface measuring 60 x 45 cm folding, circular cutter 45 mm, Replacement Blade 45 mm and 15 x 30 cm ruler, 3 excellent quality and durability objects.  the offer is really advantageous !...
45.00€ 55.50€
Brand: Generico Model: 4166
The TOP for Patchwork: large cutting surface measuring 90 x 60 cm folding into three parts, circular cutter 45 mm with non-slip rubber grip, Replacement Blade 45 mm, Ruler 60 x 15 cm. Customers will enjoy using the best products available on the market, the offer is really advantageous!..
64.00€ 76.90€
Kit Bias tape maker 6-12-18-25
Out Of Stock
Brand: Generico Model: 4268
Bias tape maker 4 measures 6 12 18 25 mm to perform all folds that are used in Patchwork...
25.00€ 28.50€
Brand: Generico Model: 4533
Comfortable ironing board to be placed on the table with a synthetic fabric 40% cotton and 60% with a flannel 800 g / mt and a tablet plywood rigid. It is used for fast ironing when you have to frame the pieces of fabric for blankets plaids and many other objects in PatchWork style. The measurements..
42.30€ 47.00€
Brand: Generico Model: 4564
Who cares, we decided to offer a kit convenient and effective, cutter with straight blade and blade ZigZag. The two blades can be inserted into the same cutter, are measuring 45mm. You can not insert the blade wave. If you are interested also we provide another wave blade cutter with double protecti..
15.00€ 17.10€
Brand: Generico Model: 4075
 For those who love to decorate by cutting the tissues in various ways and with special finishes, we decided to offer a kit handy and effective, 1 cutter with double safety blades and 3 blades, normal, Zig zag and to wave. All three blades can be inserted into the same cutter so you save by not havi..
25.90€ 30.50€
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