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Cutting mats

Cutting mats
Cutting mat for patchwork end tailors
Brand: Omnigrid Model: 7206
Cutting mat for Patchwork 60 x 90 cm sewmate 2mm..
40.60€ 45.10€
Brand: Generico Model: 2881
 Small Patchwork Floor, Measures 45 x 30 cm, The main features are in the thickness of 3 mm, Composed of three layers, The first in rubber with grid drawings in centimeters and with corner lines of 30-45-60 degrees, The second level, The central part, Made of durable and flexible plastic, And the th..
Brand: Generico Model: 4151
A great offer for those who want to start having fun with Patchwork: Medium cutting surface measuring 60 x 45 cm folding, circular cutter 45 mm, Replacement Blade 45 mm and 15 x 30 cm ruler, 3 excellent quality and durability objects.  the offer is really advantageous !...
45.00€ 55.50€
Brand: Olfa Model: 3594
Cutting mat, 2 mm hight, with double face, hight quality but not foldable. Size 60 x 90 cm..
50.20€ 52.70€
Brand: Generico Model: 4221
 Recommended size. Convenient cutting plan that allows you to rotate objects and fabrics without having to move. Composed of two parts, the part below is in PVC and non-slip rubber to adhere perfectly to the table instead of the rotating part has a thickness of 3 mm composed of a part in PVC and a s..
Brand: Omnigrid Model: 3595
Cutting mat for Patchwork, Omnigrid. Thickness 2 mm...
Brand: Candiotto Model: 4075
 For those who love to decorate by cutting the tissues in various ways and with special finishes, we decided to offer a kit handy and effective, 1 cutter with double safety blades and 3 blades, normal, Zig zag and to wave. All three blades can be inserted into the same cutter so you save by not havi..
25.90€ 30.50€
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