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Juki Sewing Machines

Juki Sewing Machines
Juki sewing machines
Brand: Juki Model: 4541
Sewing machine Juki digital electronics, very simple, you have 99 programs, alphabet to program a name, select the button and the machine is ready with length and width of the point already set. Automatic welding wire, positioner needle low and high, electronic regulator for maximum speed, crochet n..
Brand: Juki Model: 4026
Electronic machine for passionate, extremely quiet, positioner with needle up / down, welding wire automatic initial and finalthreader, horizontal rotary hook, Cruise control, many points and alphabet with a memory for words and phrases. Manufactured by Juki just for those who love quilting or build..
Brand: Juki Model: 5033
Juki Sewing Machines: Juki electronic sewing machine HZL DX3..
Brand: Juki Model: 5031
Juki Sewing Machines: Juki electronic sewing machine HZL DX5..
Brand: Juki Model: 5032
Juki Sewing Machines: Juki electronic sewing machine HZL DX7..
Brand: Juki Model: 4920
Industrial machine with 5000 points per minute, programmable electronics, with automatic welding, automatic and programmable thread trimmer, motor incorporated in the machine arm, complete with original table and support. We can prepare it for light, medium or heavy fabrics..
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