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Singer Sewing machines

Singer Sewing machines
Macchine per cucire distribuite dalla Singer Italia, non sono le classiche macchine per cucire già distribuite nei centri commerciali, la qualità è molto alta, vi garantisco che prima di decidere per la vendita le ho aperte e controllato meccanica ed elettronica riscontrando l ottima qualità e la familiarità con altri marchi che già distribuiamo. Fidatevi della ditta Candiotto, vendiamo solo quello che ci piace indipendentemente da marchi e provenienza
Brand: Singer Model: 4777
 Monochrome touch screen LCD screen, 200 useful points, 10 direct selection points, 13 automatic eyelets at a time, 2 alphabets, Visual alarm signals with sound effect including: upper thread breaking sensor, Adjustable electronic tension, 3 LED lights Sewing speed adjustment, Thread cutter button..
898.90€ 998.80€
Singer sewing machine Legacy SE-300
Out Of Stock
Brand: Singer Model: 4862
SE300 Legacy, sew and embroider needle with 200 embroidery and included 250 useful stitches. 3 LED lights, Thread automatic needle and lever lowers transport, 2 alphabets ready to use, Touch LCD screen, USB key with embroidery. 2 quick release frames included (260 X 150 mm and 100 x 100 mm), 10 quic..
1,420.00€ 1,699.00€
Singer C240 idt Double Shipping
Out Of Stock
Brand: Singer Model: 4853
Featherweight C240, 70 useful points, 3 automatic eyelets, Uniform IDT fabric transport system, the same inserted in Pfaff sewing machines, 2 LED lights, Start and stop button, sewing speed adjustment, Claw lowering lever for Quilt, Removable arm with accessory holder, Thread automatic needleRigid s..
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