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Singer sewing machines spare parts
Brand: Singer Model: 1772
plastic bobbin for all Singer sewing machines series 700 and 270 with automatic winding assistant...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2736
lower knife for overlocking machine Singer 14U 555 554 Pfaff 4762 and similar...
18.50€ 18.60€
Brand: Singer Model: 4657
needle clamp for Singer sewing machines Pfaff Chinese manufacturing. Communicate the model and brand of your sewing machine before confirming the order...
Brand: Singer Model: 4486
Needle plate for Singer with 7mm zig zag hole and 14mm width jaw hole...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 7081
Plastic crochet hatch for Pfaff Smart machines, several Singer and Juki 3xx series models..
Brand: Singer Model: 4170
Gears: Singer vertical bar gear 9812C..
Brand: Singer Model: 5058
Singer Spare parts: Singer yarn lock 33xx..
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1077
Small wire stopper for Singer sewing machines..
0.98€ 1.00€
Brand: Singer Model: 2242
motor pulley for Singer sewing machines and Merrit V-belt...
4.70€ 4.90€
Brand: Singer Model: 1050
Singer basket in plastic, the most common, It fits all Singer crochet horizontal by 257 to Merrit. If you have doubts, contact us and we will confirm whether it is suitable for your machine...
Brand: Singer Model: 3157
100416 singer Bobbin case for 6412...
18.50€ 20.60€
Brand: Singer Model: 1358
14.50€ 16.10€
Brand: Text15 Model: 1175
Singer voltage suitable for many Merrit Singer and models...
18.90€ 20.00€
Brand: Singer Model: 1364
Bobbin case Singer open at the top...
30.50€ 30.70€
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