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Belts for sewing machines
Brand: Generico Model: 4253
Trapezoidal motor belt for sewing machine size 5x340...
6.60€ 7.30€
Brand: Generico Model: 4458
Trapezoidal belt for sewing machine size 6x360...
Brand: Generico Model: 4445
Motor belt for sewing machine Janome 6260 and 6000 class...
Brand: Generico Model: 4850
Elastic strap measures 400...
5.50€ 6.10€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 4785
Strap for all Pfaff Creative 3 machines.  ..
Brand: PFAFF Janome Model: 2981
Timing motor belt for Pfaff 1030 series and subclasses...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1563
Transmission belt for Pfaff 900 1000 2000 sewing machine...
11.70€ 13.00€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1958
Belt for all Pfaff machines from the series 900 -1000 -14xx- 2xxx- all the Creative...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 2802
Belt for all Pfaff sewing machine 200 and 1200 series that mount the motor pulley gear...
10.40€ 11.60€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1624
Motor pulley for sewing machines Pfaff series 260-61...
48.70€ 59.50€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1960
Belt for Pfaff 260 261 engine with internal engine. Nilon belt with steel teeth...
Brand: Generico Model: 2068
Serrated belt for all machines, is definitely the most common as a measure. nache is used in sewing machines Necchi Supernova with internal motor...
Brand: Generico Model: 1690
Micro-driven trapezoidal belt for all machines with external motor. It differs from the others for the section that measures 6 mm instead of the normal 5mm. Check the pulley section before choosing...
8.40€ 9.40€
Brand: Generico Model: 1216
Motor belt for sewing machine section 5 mm length 300 mm and micro-toothed trapezoidal shape for greater adherence to the motor pulley..
Brand: Generico Model: 1867
Shuttle Pfaff sewing machines with rotary hook and zigzag up to 6mm, attention, you can not use it in the series Pfaff Creative with a 9 mm zigzag because it will break the needles exceeding 6 mm stitch width...
Brand: Generico Model: 1181
Belt length 335mm for all or julia Necchi Supernova with internal motor. Check the motor sometimes convenient strap shorter measurement 5x330...
Brand: Generico Model: 3416
V-belt engine measures 340 x 6 mm for the sewing machine...
Brand: Generico Model: 1155
Engine that is applied externally to the machine. Comes with foot control cable and mounting bracket to the machine...
Brand: Singer Model: 3325
Belt for Singer machines mod and 257 series. IS EQUAL TO THE LENGTH OF 6X340...
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