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Gears of various types for sewing machines, if you have special requests send us an email with model of your machine and if it is possible the photo of the gear or the part where it is setted
Brand: PFAFF Janome Model: 4217
Gear crochet Pfaff Dorina diameter hole 9, 5 mm 3/8 inch...
20.70€ 23.20€
Brand: PFAFF Model: 7054
Large crochet gear for Pfaff 2xxx series..
Brand: Singer Model: 4170
Gears: Singer vertical bar gear 9812C..
Brand: Singer Model: 1165
The gear is mounted in the transmission bar vertically inside the machine. Given the location is not easy to assemble but is patient with us, you can succeed...
Brand: Singer Model: 1085
For all Singer machines that mount the transmission gear pair under the hook. They are sold in pairs because the teeth are completely different from the old gears, they are in nilon and are practically indestructible...
41.10€ 48.30€
Brand: Singer Model: 1300
Gear for the movement of transport in Singer series 500-507-518 etc. In the picture is the gear on the right side...
Brand: Singer Model: 2230
Gear for the movement of transport in Singer series 500-507-518 etc. The gear is in the image on the left side...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1785
Transmission gear for Pfaff 200 series and Gritzner, is installed in the gear behind the crochet...
Brand: PFAFF Model: 1786
Crochet gear Great for Pfaff sewing machines with rotary hook vertical,  Creative in 2000 and 7000...
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