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Candiotto sewing machines has been founded for the past 47 years, in 1972 when my father, Lino Candiotto, began directly supplying sewing machines, overlock and sewing and ironing equipment, with the Vigorelli and Singer brands and then adding others such as Pfaff and Necchi. In 1985 I started too, Massimo following sales and service center, entering new high quality but not yet famous brands in the European market such as Janome and Juki. Consider that in the 80s, the industrial sector was almost completely supplied by the Pfaff brand, a high quality German product, but being too expensive compared to the products that started to arrive from Asian countries, Juki in the industrial sector and Janome in the sewing machines sector for family use they took most of the European market. Today the situation has changed again, almost all the products of the sewing sector come from China, Taiwan and Thailand, even the European brands have chosen to produce in Asia or to rely on Asian factories, often distributing low quality, cheap and short-lived products . So we decided to analyze the products without considering the brand, agreeing to distribute only the products we like and trust us, eliminating risks for us and you. We are the direct responsible to you, we directly repair everything we sell trying to be precise and fast.

With the Internet we have reached you too, I hope to be able to satisfy your requests and for any problem or doubt do not hesitate to contact me.

Massimo Candiotto.

Dati Legali:

Candiotto macchine per cucire di Candiotto Massimo, Arsego Via Pugnalin 1
35010- San Giorgio delle Pertiche
P.I. IT00120060280
C.F. CND MSM 66D27 B564H
Tel:  0495742211  Cell: 339 229 2641

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